Dosage systems

APG Pharma has a wide range of dosage systems for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Our range consists of standard and client-specific dosage systems, such as pump nozzles, dropper bottles, droppers and pipettes. The primary dosage systems are of the highest quality level and are produced under secured and certified process conditions in accordance with the applicable guidelines.


  • 0.1 ml - 360 ml
  • LDPE, HDPE, PP, Aluminium and NC
  • Several types available
  • Various colours available (client-specific)
  • Glass pipette, hydrolytic class 3
  • Screw cap size GL16; GL18; GL22 and PP28
  • All available droppers
  • All available pump nozzles
All primary dosage systems are stored in and provided from our ISO certified warehouse in Uithoorn. The storage, forwarding and delivery of the dosage systems takes place under conditions that are consistent with the pharmaceutical guidelines and Good Distribution Practice (GDP). At APG Pharma, it's all about quality, expertise and quality care.
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Pump nozzle

High-quality primary dosage system for cosmetic applications. Materials HDPE, PP, Plastic and Aluminium The choice of pump nozzle is closely related to your requirements of the packaging (client-specific).
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High-quality primary packaging for pharmaceutical or cosmetic applications. Available in 6 different types; A; B; Q; CL; PR and CLC for use in combination with our dropper bottles. Caps available in various colours, including DMF.
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Dosage cap

High-quality primary accessories for our dropper bottles. Available as a system cap for glass and plastic. GL18, GL22 and PP28 caps. LDPE material in horizontal and vertical droppers.
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High-quality primary accessories for pharmaceutical or cosmetic applications. Contents from 0.1 ml - 100 ml in class III glass. GL16, GL18, GL22 and PP28 caps. Various tips available (straight, curved), TE cap available in white, blue, black or red.
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Sanotropfer (Dropper)

Plastic screw caps with integrated dropper, a high-quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging solution for the manual and fully automatic sealing of plastic and glass bottles. Suitable for GL 18 cap Numerous options available.
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Dropper bottles (Plastic)

Our plastic dropper bottles are a high-quality primary packaging solution for all your pharmaceutical liquids. Available 3 ml to 360 ml in PE and LDPE. Systems: A, B, Q, CL, PR and CLC. In compliance with EP and USP guidelines, includes Drug Master File (DMF).
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Dropper bottles (glass)

High-quality glass primary packaging for pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical dosage applications. Vial sizes from 5 ml -100 ml available in amber molded glass, GL18 cap, type 3 glass.
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What choice?

APG Pharma will always provide you with the most optimal and up-to-date primary packaging and/or accessories. Our technical packaging advisers are ready to assist you, and they will identify your needs and requirements. They will discuss the best possible solutions with you. They will also help you to finally achieve the success that you have been working towards. This is why you should ask one of our packaging specialists for advice.
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