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APG Europe
F.a.o. Customer Care Centre
Johan Enschedeweg 21
1422 DR Uithoorn
PO Box 268
F.a.o. Customer Care Centre
1420 AG Uithoorn
Marc Moerkerk

Marc Moerkerk
Sales & Customer Service | +31 297514625

Saskia Jongsma

Saskia Jongsma
Sales & Customer Service | +31 297514631

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Would you like to receive information about our products or if you have additional questions? Please contact us via the chat box or let us call you. Naturally you can also email us or call
+31 297-514620.


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Customer service

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Reliable supplier
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ISO 9001/KNMP WinaP


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"Need advice? Call me directly
+31 (0) 297 514620 or Chat"

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