In order to guarantee the quality of a medicine, the right quality of the primary packaging and chromatography accessories is essential. The high quality of our primary packaging and the option to outsource pre-processing ensure that you can fill your valuable medicines, liquids and powders in a way that is safe and cost-effective. Once you choose APG Pharma as your packaging partner, this will quickly give you a large number of benefits. 

Immediate benefits

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  • Lower costs
  • Quality assurance
  • Operational efficiency
  • Competitiveness

Knowledge through experience

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  • 40 years' experience in laboratory packaging
  • A trusted relationship with the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and suppliers
  • Knowledge of the laboratory market and products
  • Experienced professional product specialists and client teams


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  • QA/QC implementation by a certified QPA Officer
  • KNMP WinAp certified
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified
  • ISO 15378 certified partners

Full range of laboratory packaging

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  • All laboratory packaging under one roof
  • Glass, rubber, aluminium, reconstituted and plastic packaging
  • Chromatography accessories
  • Standard products and custom products
  • Cooperation leads to client-specific custom solutions


APG Pharma_Warehouse_small.jpg
  • Large logistics warehouse
  • Controlled storage for 3,500 pallet places
  • Client-specific supply management
  • A client-specific supply is purchased following consultation with the client

Always the right quality

APG Pharma_Quality_for_you.jpgThanks to the further automation of packaging processes and the increased production speeds, the consistent quality of primary packaging and chromatography accessories is becoming increasingly important. Safety and ease of use are directly linked to the packaging quality and quality assurance processes. We understand that.

We supply your primary packaging and chromatography accessories according to the agreed specifications. Many materials meet the European Pharmacopoeia (but USP and JP are also part of the options) and are geared to the requirements of the laboratory and pharmaceutical industry. Our manufacturers are provided with DMF registrations for this purpose. 

For us, quality is not linked to only standard packaging materials. We will go the extra mile for you. For example, we can provide you with different packaging treatments without compromising on quality assurance, including gamma rays, sterilisation, siliconing and lamination. We are also happy to help you with full traceability of materials, custom logistics, PDS sampling, auditing producers and custom advice.

Excellent service

APG Pharma_top_service.jpgLaboratory times change. Needs remain. The daily struggle for existence. Those who want to win must be inventive and search for solutions. They must have the right primary packaging available to them. At the right time. In the best place. 

Your need for primary packaging, core materials or chromatography accessories may change at any time. Competition, emergencies, clients... the demand changes all the time. You adapt to that. But you don't always have the right primary packaging or chromatography accessories available to you. 

At that point, you can count on the services of your packaging partner APG Pharma. We will help you fast, anywhere, with all the packaging you need to secure your production.

APG Pharma will always provide you with the most optimal and up-to-date primary packaging, core materials and/or chromatography accessories, often directly from stock. Our technical packaging advisers are ready to assist you, and they will identify your needs and requirements. They will discuss the best possible packaging solutions with you. They will also help you to finally achieve the success that you have been working towards.

Logistics solutions

APG Pharma_warehouse_001.jpgAll pharmaceutical primary packaging and chromatography accessories are stored in and provided from our ISO certified warehouse in Uithoorn. With a floor space of over 2000 m2 and a storage capacity of 3,500 pallets, we keep a client-specific safety stock for our pharmaceutical clients. 

Efficient logistical services such as storage, forwarding and delivery of the pharmaceutical primary packaging and chromatography accessories takes place under conditions that are consistent with the pharmaceutical guidelines and Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Logistical custom work for pharmaceutical packaging and chromatography accessories is one of our core activities. Find out more about our VOS, VMI, JIT, safety stock and delivery plans. At APG Pharma, it's all about quality, reliability, expertise and quality
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More info?
Would you like to receive information about our products or if you have additional questions?

More info?
Would you like to receive information about our products or if you have additional questions?
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