Who are we?

APG Pharma WarehouseAPG Europe is a Dutch trading company with more than 40 years’ experience in supplying high quality standard primary packaging materials, related products and services within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, hospital and laboratory industry.
APG Europe, being part of the Indutrade Benelux holding, has established sustainable partnerships over the last decades with well-known manufacturers of primary packaging; SGD Pharma, Nuova Ompi, West (Medimop/Daikyo), Gerresheimer (Duma/Dudek), Datwyler, Lutz, Eskiss, Duran and La-Pha-Pack. Most often global market leaders within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, laboratory and hospital industry.
Our productgroups are aligned enabling us to offer you high quality packaging solutions in a one stop shopping environment. Most of our product are immediately available from our central warehouse Uithoorn (NL) stock and shipped the next day to you. A service that provides continuity.
We have a strong and dedicated focus at quality and effective improvement our performance. Identifying improvement opportunities is embedded our daily activities; hence we can provide products and services that fully meet the specific requirements of our customers. Some of our certificates:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • KNMP WinAp certified
  • ISO 15378 certified partners
  • QA/QC implementation by a certified QPA Officer
APG Europe, founded in 1970, is part of the Indutrade holding and Indutrade Indutrade Benelux, the holding company of all of the Benelux-based Indutrade companies.

Overall business definition “Raison d’être”

APG Pharma we think differentWe think different at APG Europe. We manage a group of customer orientated, professional, primary packaging specialists. Continuously supportive, occupied and clear as glass, supplying high quality primary packaging materials, related products and services. It is a formula that has proven to be successful for more then 40 years in business.
We ensure our customers productivity for innovative fluid, crème, gel and tablet products by fulfilling the need for primary packaging and logistics solutions for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, laboratory and hospital applications.
For that we have developed distinctive competencies and we act as a Total Packaging Management partner providing the best primary packaging technology, partnerships, purchase solutions,  logistics solutions and customer service against the lowest cost of ownership (TCO).

APG Pharma, your trusted valueable partner

APG Pharma logistic solutionsTimes are changing. Whereas needs do not. It is the daily struggle for survival. Those who want to win must be inventive. Search for solutions. Have the right primary package. At the right time. In the right place.
Your need for primary packaging and chromatography accessories can change at any moment. Competition, calamity, customers…demand changes continuously. You must adjust accordingly. However, you do not always have the right primary packaging or chromatography accessories  available. 
This is the time that you call APG Europe. We assist you with any primary packaging and chromatography accessories that you need to carry out your project and production wherever you are. 
APG Europe provides you with the best possible and latest primary packaging and chromatography accessories, covering pharmaceutical, laboratory and cosmetic industry needs, at all times. Our technical consultants are ready to be of service. They will listen to your requirements and discuss the options with you. They form the link towards the ultimate success that you are looking for.
All products are stored in and supplied from our ISO certified warehouse in Uithoorn. Thanks to our automated logistics system, you can count on a punctual delivery of our products. In addition, various treatments of the product are possible. 40 years of client-oriented work, punctual delivery and service will contribute to your success.
More info?
Would you like to receive information about our products or if you have additional questions? Please contact us via the chat box or let us call you. Naturally you can also email us or call
+31 297-514620.


More info?
Would you like to receive information about our products or if you have additional questions?

More info?
Would you like to receive information about our products or if you have additional questions?
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