Our vision

Continuous adoption and execution of the plan by the APG Europe team members is the key to our success!  - it has always been and will always be the main factor of our success. When everyone is working toward the same organisational purpose and future, only then the results will show up - the real synergy will become our part.

APG Pharma_vision.jpgOur vision is to become internationally known and recognized in the pharmaceutical, hospital, OTC, laboratory, cosmetic and food B2B markets as a premium brand with clearly defined benefits; a leader in high quality total packaging and logistics solutions within predefined markets.

It is our passion to solve the most challenging total packaging problems for customers acting as a knowledgeable partner with an international footprint and sufficient product and service portfolio.

Our mission

APG Europe mission statement incorporates the purpose of what we are trying to achieve and purpose of existence. APG Europe intention is to keep our employees and other stakeholders aware of the APG Europe purpose. A well-defined mission statement is a valuable source of inspiration and provides clear decision making criteria.
APG Pharma_mission.jpgOur mission is to provide our Dutch pharmaceutical, cosmetic, laboratory and hospital B2B customers’ flexible and sustainable primary packaging solutions and services against the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). 

We believe in our leadership and strength in primary packaging knowledge and logistics solutions built on our core values; innovation, excellence, partnership and responsibility. Our natural values which we see in each and every APG Pharma process, in every APG Europe community and in each APG Europe employee. For that we encourage our passionate employees to answer our customer needs beyond their expectations.
Our devoted mission statement exhibit five important characteristics:
  1. Our value proposition will exceed the total packaging expectations of our customers. 
  2. Create a good and challenging working climate for our employees and colleagues.
  3. Provide a professional, lean and efficient outlet-channel for our trusted suppliers.
  4. Be a valuable and trustful partner for our customers and suppliers.
  5. Contribute to a sound return on investment for the Indutrade Benelux group, Indutrade and shareholders.
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