Privacy and Cookie Policy

1. General

This is the privacy policy of APG Pharma ("APG Europe"). APG Europe is the responsible entity for the processing of the personal data which are collected through this website (the "Website").
APG Pharma respects your privacy and will comply with the requirements of the Dutch Data Protection Act (“DDPA”). 

2. Personal Data

APG Europe processes the personal data which it collects through the Website. This includes data that you submit via forms and contact fields on the Website. You are able to submit via the Website, amongst other things, your name, address, place of residence, phone number and e-mail address to APG Europe.
Visitors of the Website under the age of 16 may only submit personal data via the Website to APG Europe if and when they have received prior approval for such from their legal representative, who in turn has taken notice of this privacy and cookie policy.

3. Purpose and provision to third parties

APG Europe processes your personal data for the purposes of answering your questions and informing you of current and future activities of APG Europe. Insofar as legally required, APG Europe will request your permission before sending you such information. 
APG Europe may in some cases transfer the personal data supplied by you to its group companies, its shareholders or other Indutrade companies. In some cases APG Europe may also place the personal data supplied by you at the disposal of third parties, who will execute the previously mentioned data processing in assignment and under the supervision of APG Europe or its group companies, its shareholders or other Indutrade companies. APG Europe will not place your personal data at the disposal of third parties, unless it has a legal obligation to do so.

4. Cookies

This Website uses so called cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer. This way, the Website is able to recognise you during a next visit. We do this to better service your needs and to make your visit more user friendly. 
You can set your browser to notify you when a cookie is placed, or disable the use of cookies altogether. However, in such case you may possibly no longer be able to use all features of the Website. 

5. Security

The storage and transmission of your personal data is secured via the currently customary techniques

6. Storage duration

In principle, APG Europe does not store the personal data supplied by you longer than two years.

7. Inspection, correction and removal 

You can at all times request access to and inspection of the data collected by APG Europe about you. Also, you can request APG Europe to correct or remove this data. For these purposes, you can send an e-mail stating your name and address to APG Europe at
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