Our core values

A first step to fulfilling our corporate mission is captured by our APG Europe core values. Our mission statement incorporates our four core values; innovation, excellence, partnership and responsibility. 
  • Our “natural values” which differentiate us and make us a valuable partner. 
  • Core values which we see in each and every APG Europe process, in every APG Europe community and in each APG Europe employee.
  • Core values that make us proud of what we promise, of what we do and on what we deliver. 


APG Pharma_partnership.jpgAPG Europe is a Dutch network of trustful suppliers, reliable investors, loyal clients and faithful employees. Bound together by partnership, behaving honestly, fairly and ethically.  
Partnership by sharing mutual resources and success reinforce mutual trust in APG Europe and its network.


APG Pharma_responsibility.jpgFor APG Europe and her result oriented, ambitious and passionate employees, being a professional trustful partner also means to have a stake in the sense of urgency and to take responsibility for the entire network of highly appreciated customers and suppliers. 


APG Pharma_innovation.jpgThere is no better time to take action than right now. APG Europe is thinking for tomorrow, acting today. Thinking and acting upon solutions and challenges, not in problems. 
APG Europe act on what we learn from our customers to improve future customer experiences to offer the best primary packaging and logistics solutions. Meaning working continuously to expand innovation in to be one step ahead of the market; today and tomorrow.


APG Pharma_excellence.jpgDoing just good is not enough by itself for APG Europe. Our road to success requires expert performance and leadership in packaging knowledge and logistics solutions. In one word: excellence; in all fields of our activities and in all projects in day-to-day practice.
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