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APG Pharma_jobs.jpgAPG Europe is a great company to work for. We offer a professional environment and ambitious business goals that satisfy even your most demanding career path. As an international company we operate across Europe with our "colleagues" as well as for the development of our businsss solutions - as matter of daily business and proactive customer support.
The atmosphere within our company is determined by short, informal lines of communication and personal responsibilities. Keeping customers first is our top priority which you will find in all our activities, customized solutions and comprehensive services. Intensive contact with our trusted suppliers plays an important role. Continuous training and supervision is offered to staff as we encourage personal development and seek to maintain our high level of services and knowledge.
To join APG Europe is to become part of an elite team of professionals in the primary packaging business. We pride ourselves on excellence and quality. To grow, we are always in search of talented people who can play a meaningful role and help us achieve our goals.
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Customer service

Total packaging solution
Reliable supplier
Available from stock
QA/QC support
ISO 9001/KNMP WinaP


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