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logo_indutrade.gifDo you prefer to cooperate with technical specialists who speak “your” language? The ones who understand your sense of urgency, processes and bottle necks? Passionate partners, ready to convert your challenges into pragmatic solution? Then it's time to get acquainted with the Indutrade Benelux-companies.

Customisation and costs reduction

Logistics customisation, cost reduction and process optimization are three key features of our added value. Maybe you are looking for a second opinion and/or technical consultancy. We are here for you, please contact us. We are proud to present our products and solution to fulfil your needs.

Passion for technology

Within our companies you will meet people with a passion for technology. Professional well-trained technicians with a high level of engineering skills in their field of expertise. Our employees who loved to be challenged and whatever the solution may be, we keep our customers always first. 
Indutrade Benelux-companies:

Alcatraz Interlocks B.V.

Interlocks voor afsluiter- en machinevergrendeling ter bescherming van installaties in kritische processen.

APG Pharma B.V.

Plastic and glass packagings and accessories, laboratory glass and chromatography products for the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, laboratories and cosmetics companies.

Ammertech B.V.

Bearings, mechanical drive systems and transport components (shaft-hub couplings, clamping bushes).

ATB Automation N.V.

Specialist in power transmission and motion control.  ATB is part of Mijnsbergen.

Douwes International B.V.

Screw-in and assembly tools and (anti-theft) screws and nuts.

Gimex technische keramiek B.V.

Technical ceramics for multiple applications. Where metal and/or plastics are not suitable, ceramics can meet your demanding product requirements. In general, Gimex is able to deliver both prototypes as well as small series manufactured to your specification drawing within 3 weeks.

Hanwel België N.V.

Pipe components for the Belgian industry.

Hanwel Nederland B.V.

Pipe components (valves, pipe supports, compensators, standard and customised products made from or clad with fluorine plastics, coating of existing products with fluorine plastics and installations for the paper and waste-processing industry).

HITMA Filtratie B.V.

Filtration, separation, purification and compressed air conditioning.

HITMA Instrumentatie B.V.

Industrial measuring and control products, hydraulics, HVAC and control instrumentation.

HITMA Process B.V.

Process control and safety products (valves, pressure safety products, gas and flame detectors and process instrumentation).

HITMA UltraPure B.V.

Single use components (filters, sanitary tubes, couplings and sealants) meeting the highest cleanliness requirements within the (bio)pharmaceutical, semiconductor and food industries and hospitals.

HP Valves B.V.

Complete range of medium- and high-pressure globe, check and needle valves.

Mijnsbergen B.V.

Specialist in power transmission and motion control, servo drives, linear actuators and systems.
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Would you like to receive information about our products or if you have additional questions? Please contact us via the chat box or let us call you. Naturally you can also email us or call
+31 297-514620.


More info?
Would you like to receive information about our products or if you have additional questions?

More info?
Would you like to receive information about our products or if you have additional questions?
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